Have you ever traveled to a new city alone? If you are reading this, I guess you are in a new town alone. People are always curious. When you are stressed or living in a crowded city, you would like to visit a new land where nobody knows about you. Then you drink a coffee and mind your first friendship or a relationship. You would like to chat with a person who doesn’t know you. You really need to make new friends!

Social is more complex day by day. It is sometimes to be insecure if you didn’t prepare for a new connection and understand your new friends. Here are tips that I noted for myself as my experiences.

Make new friends online before you meet

It is straightforward to join an online community. There are many platforms where you can create an account, post a question, or comment on an answer to show your knowledge about a specific subject. In that discussion, you will see your good friends. Let’s connect with them and make new friends.

Change your IP location to the city you planned to visit

There are online places that allow you to explore and talk to strangers. But your goal is to meet people in a new city, so the nearby feature will only work if you have traveled. The idea is to find an app or platform which helps you change your online location.

Connect with friends of your friends

It’s almost impossible to know right away how to make friends in a new city after you move. So, until you learn some excellent friend-making tricks, it’s time to reach out to your old pals for assistance.

Ask your current friends if they know anyone in the city you just moved to. Your preferred social media network will be invaluable here – publish a Facebook post like “I just moved to [NAME OF CITY], and I’d love to meet some cool people here. Any suggestions?”.

With a little luck, you should be able to get a few contacts. And when you do, make sure you reach out to those people and meet them for a drink.

Attend local cultural events

Another brilliant way to meet people in a new city and have fun simultaneously is to look through the city’s cultural calendar and then visit the events that are to your liking. The local newspaper or the city’s official website will indeed have a list of all the cultural events for the current month or even beyond it.

Look specifically for events out in the open, such as live concerts, music festivals, or art festivals. Remember that festivals are great for meeting new people and making friends in an unknown place simply because 1) they are remarkably communal, 2) they are centered around having fun, and 3) they often include group activities.

Take up photography

Photography is a fantastic hobby to help you meet new people in new cities without too much effort from you. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to enjoy taking photos around your neighborhood, within the city limits, or well beyond.

In fact, photography is a hobby that will get you out of your home, and that’s the number one prerequisite for making friends in a new city. All you need is a digital camera, and you’re ready to snap away. If you really wish to improve your photographic skills, joining a photography class is also a good idea. Never again will you use the automatic mode on your camera too.

Sharing the photos you’ve taken on various social media networks or dating apps will also help you interact with people. You’ll receive encouraging comments and genuine compliments about your improved photographic skills.